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Mediterranean specialties from the Balkans

Welcome to the Blaue Adria, where we serve food and harmony!

Our Story

Welcome to our restaurant, where traditional Mediterranean cuisine intertwines with the spirit of the Balkans and the richness of Balkan peoples. Our story begins in the 90s, when our owner, Milan Jović, established a restaurant with a simple yet profound philosophy - to create a place where food is not just food but an experience, a place where friends and family can come together, relax, and enjoy a culinary journey.

Our story is one of cultural and flavor fusion. Inspired by the diversity of Mediterranean cuisine yet firmly rooted in Balkan tradition, Milan has created a place that offers authentic flavors of local dishes while also embodying the warmth and hospitality of the Balkans. Founded in the spirit of the Balkans, built in Germany, our restaurant represents a bridge between different worlds, connecting the warmth of Balkan hosts with the culinary artistry of the Mediterranean region.


Google reviews

"Wonderful customer service! The sons speak great English and are very friendly. The food was savory and very filling. My boyfriend and I shared the Balkin Meal for two and it was a lot of food! We will definitely be back."

Anjyla K

"Friendly service. Delicious food."

John Pierce

"Fantastic food, very friendly owner. Ask for recommendations and just go with it."

Robert Day

"In my top 3 for Europe!!! The food was incredible, IT'S FAMILY OWNED AND RAN-THE OWNERS GREET YOU AS YOU COME IN! Needless to say the customer service was second to none!"

Joseph Stephens

"Food is super delicious and I am definitely coming back here with my family and friends. Also I recommend it."

Mersad Sofic

"A wonderful experience at each visit to Zweibrucken"

Le Semaphore Nomade

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